10 Truths About Cellulite

Cellulite has many causes. There's no miracle cure for orange-peel skin, but many small, everyday routines can help tighten skin and improve your well-being. Ten things to know about this common skin condition.

1. Cellulite is normal

In women, the connective tissue that surrounds the warming and protective fat cells of the subcutis is naturally softer and looser than in men. More than 80% of women have cellulite – often called “orange peel skin” for its dimply texture – regardless of their weight or physique. Whether slim or overweight, nearly everyone is affected.

2. Hormones play a role

Oestrogens promote the elasticity of the connective tissue, and with good reason. A pregnancy, for example, places the highest demands on the body. The balance of hormones in the female body also changes during menstruation, menopause or through the influence of the pill. In such cases, water retention can intensify the presence of cellulite.

3. It’s in the genes

There is a genetic predisposition for cellulite. Whether dimples appear on our thighs, hips or arms can be inherited. But an active daily routine with specific exercises can lead to more firm connective tissue.

A healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables contributes to skin firmness

4. No miracle cure for cellulite

No anti-cellulite cream works by application alone. The greatest success can be achieved by a holistic approach: a balanced diet, ample exercise, soothing massages and natural skin care products that include the active ingredients of the birch tree, for example.

5. Healthy eating, good living

Vitamin C strengthens our connective tissue and intercepts free radicals. A healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables contributes to skin firmness. The key lies in proper nutrition, which gives the body everything it needs. No more, no less.

6. Losing weight does not get rid of cellulite

The lower the amount of our body fat, the less pronounced our cellulite. Did you know that the body mainly burns carbohydrates in the first 30 minutes of exercise? Exercising for 45 minutes gives the body enough time to start burning fat.

Water is a pure beauty elixir

7. Water is a pure beauty elixir

Drinking ample fluids is part of a healthy diet. It’s best to drink two to three litres of water containing minerals and trace elements every day. Not only does this refreshment serve to quench our thirst, it also helps to flush out harmful deposits from our body. Liquid food supplement containing birch leaf extract can support this process.

8. Alcohol and smoking make it worse

The calories in alcohol turn directly into fat. Smoking tobacco causes the blood vessels to constrict and impairs blood circulation.

Gentle, regular activity promotes blood circulation and strengthen our body’s tissue

9. Movement helps the whole body

Gentle, regular activity promotes blood circulation and strengthen our body’s tissue, which also leads to smoother skin. A combination of endurance sports such as walking, cycling or swimming plus targeted exercises for the buttocks and thighs is highly effective.

10. Cellulite is not just a matter of beauty

Light, medium, strong or severe – cellulite occurs in different intensities. In severe cases, it can damage the lymphatic system and impair blood circulation.