How to Give a Gentle Hand Massage

After a long day or during a relaxing weekend treat a loved one with a soothing hand massage - gentle movements to comfort and pamper the body and soul.

Together you may choose a massage oil that suits you both best. Find a comfortable position and get started. Massage calmly and slowly for maximum relaxation. Ask the person you give the massage to if the pressure is ok.

Our 6-Step Hand Massage

Step 1: Gently stroke the hand Hold the hand to be massaged with your supporting hand. With your working hand, stroke the hand using smooth, gentle motions while applying light pressure. Start at the fingertips and move up across the back of the hand and forearm towards the elbow. Circle the elbow and return to the fingertips using the same movements. Repeat three times.

Step 2: Massage each finger individually Make circular movements with your thumb in a clockwise direction, while your remaining fingers support the finger to be massaged. Massage the finger starting at the nail bed, moving up over the joints to the base of the finger. Before you begin, ask the person you are massaging if they have any joint pain, and adjust the pressure accordingly.

Step 3: Stretch the fingers Grasp the finger at the base with your entire hand, and then slide your hand along the entire length of the finger towards the fingertip while applying light pressure. Repeat on each finger, from the thumb to the pinkie.

Step 4: Stroke between the tendons on the back of the hand This technique massages the spaces between the joints to loosen the tendons and muscles. Hold the hand palm down in both of your hands, using your fingers as support. Use both thumbs to stroke between the tendons, starting at the base of the fingers and working your way towards the wrist. Repeat three times.

Step 5: Knead the palm Turn the hand over so the palm faces up and cradle it in your supporting hand. With the thumb of your working hand, massage the entire palm using circular movements. Ask the person you are massaging if the pressure feels right and adjust if needed.

Step 6: Relax the fingers Again use circular movements to relax each finger. As before, start with the thumb and end with the pinkie. Repeat the stroking movements from step 1. Now massage the other hand, following steps 1 to 6.